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Mistress Darkfaye – Remember My Name

I welcome all submissive males, Alpha Males, to Cross Dressers and TV’s. My excitement comes from the transference of control.  You give to me your power and I will take from you. The empowerment I get from your surrender as I become the director of the scene is just pure pleasure.

Pain, reward and punishment are all part of the natural process of domination. You will experience all of these when you session with a genuine experienced Domina like myself. You will find my intentions are clear. I wish to produce an intense purity of pleasure and stimulation throughout your body leading you to the inevitable surrender that will leave you breathless and your skin tingling with desire and arousal……the only limits are the ones set by you as I create a highly pleasurable and mutually satisfying experience.

You will find that as a Professional Birmingham Mistress and a highly experienced lifestyle Dominatrix that I am very totally passionate about my work. I am a perfectionist with a no nonsense attitude, a beautiful, smart, sensual, powerful and erotic mistress with natural curves ready to enslave you. I understand the pressures of life for men today, particularly those in the business and corporate world and your intense need to let go of your power and position for a while. Come visit and session with me and let yourself go completely

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My photographs are recent & genuine – who you see is just who you will meet.

A little of what I love and more about the submissive experience’s you can enjoy with me. As a natural Domina I relish the pleasure of  having you tied, bound and spread eagled before me and totally at my mercy this is guaranteed to heighten my pleasure. I will always execute your punishment with precision so that you can experience and enjoy a more satisfying and severe corporal punishment. Maybe you are one who enjoy’s milder forms of submission and domination, perhaps a spanking over my knee with the touch of my silky stockings tantalising your skin, you will be able to feel the warmth of my skin against your nakedness, my soft warm breathe gently reaching the nape of your neck and kissing you gently.

dominatrix-mistress-darkfaye-west-midlandsHow about being restrained blindfolded and gagged waiting for the velvety touch of my hand on your skin with ice cold droplets of water applied upon your hardened nipples and abdomen with the added pleasure of hot wax for some extreme fire and ice play. Imagine my exquisite long and delicate heels playfully pushing into your clammy skin, You will feel a rush of desire within you while feeling the push of my spiked heels against your cock and balls. Maybe you’ll be lucky and have me wanking you slowly, oh so slowly and gently for even more erotic teasing.

I will encourage the stimulation of all your senses you will breath in the smell of my leather straps, whips and floggers – blindfolded so you have no idea what is coming next, the air filled with an erotic charge you’ll be waiting and longing to hear the cracks of my cane or flogger against your bare skin a sound that excites me even more. I will love watching your body writhe to the rhythm of the sharp stings across your cheeks again and again becoming redder and swollen. making me feel empowered, yet I may still want more from you.

I expect to take complete control of your body using it in whatever way I please. I will constantly stimulate you creating feelings of isolation and fear, aiming to produce the most amazing explosions of erotic, euphoric, sensation within you. I will have your skin tingling with desire, your blood racing with the anticipation as more and more exquisite sensation rain down on your naked body. You will submit to my power…. remember – pleasure, pain, reward. I will use all these to take you to places you have never been before.

I also enjoy strap on’s, anal play and cock and ball torture whilst you are under restraint. The simple act of your submission to my superiority gives me immense and heightened pleasure as it surely will for you too. Your anxieties will evaporate as you kneel before me, I will laugh with delight and taunt you as I watch your body shudder and you will gladly give yourself to me, I will insist on your devotion as I make you worship me in all my glory. I have been your dream, your fantasy for the whole of your adult life. you just didn’t know it until now.

I want to be your Mistress, your Dominatrix, lifestyle coach and Domina. Here our journey begins for the purest and most genuine S&M, BDSM, Fetish and submissive experience you will ever have.  Let me into your mind and I will take it as far as you want to explore. Release your desires and fantasies to me for the ultimate submissive experience. The wildest pleasures await you whatever your desire.

Tributes to Your Mistress

These should be handed to me in an open envelope within the first few minutes of your appointment.

I am available for sessions Mon to Fri  10am til 5pm and Saturdays 11am til 3pm.

Mistress , Mild Bondage & Domination sessions such as beginner tolerance training, Tie n tease, Bondassage, Nuru Massage, Flogging, Spanking and Toy play  £120 p/h

TV styling, Makeup, Facial, Makeup Tutorial and Dress up £120 p/h

Dominatrix and S&M session, Heavy floggings including Whips, Canes, Toy play, Anal, Prostate play and Intimate liaisons £140 p/h

3rd party requirements additional payment on top of my hourly rate £70 p/h

Photo Sessions by arrangement prices will be varied and discussed prior to session and all parties agreed as this will be customised to your requirements. A 20% non refundable booking fee will need to be paid in advance for 3rd party photographer and any other equipment and any extra costs incurred.

Available to buy

I have an extensive range of sex toys and fetish wear to buy at discounted prices for all playmates. You may also buy any lingerie worn by me from any one of our sessions

Reach Me From All These Areas

I have regular appreciative playmates who visit me from all these areas. I am only just 6 Miles from Birmingham around a 20 minute drive & only 5 miles from Wolverhampton.

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